FAQ's & Instructions for Wall Letters

Wall Letters are perfect to use to personalise your baby nursery room or older kids rooms. Our Wall Letters are completely removable so you can easily remove them without any damage left behind.

Wall Stickers FAQ's

Can I personalise my Wall Letters? Yes, they are custom made for you with your child's name or favourite quote created in your preferred font style, colour and size.

What material are Kids Wall Letters made from? Wall Letters are made from a removable vinyl, which you can stick to most surfaces.

I want Wooden Wall Letters. Will these look the same? Our vinyl wall letters are NOT the same as wooden wall letters that generally come in varying depths. Vinyl Wall Letters look completely flat when on the wall, and look like they've been painted on. These are a less expensive option to wooden wall letters, that still looks amazing when applied to your wall.

What size are the Wall Letters? The wall Letter are10cm/4"

Wall Letters are custom made in panels that are 10cm high. The name or quote will be scaled down to fit in each sized panel. This may make some words smaller than others.

How do I make sure all my Wall Letters look the same size? We will aim to make sure that all the names or words in each order will be similar in height, so no words will be smaller than others. This may mean that we need to scale down some names or words to make them work alongside the other names.

Will my Wall Letters look exactly the same? Yes, what you receive will be very similar to whatever you type in the form , so please make sure to double check all spellings and punctuations.


How to Apply Wall Letters

Wall Letters are really easy to use. You can go through the step by step instructions, which  come printed with your kit for easy installation.

Decorating Tips on using Wall Letters:

  • Before you peel the backing sheet off, you can stick your Wall Letters up with some masking tape to work out how you would like it to look.
  • If you’d like to make sure that it’s 100% straight, get a piece of string and tape one end underneath where you’d like to place your Wall Letters. Then using your eye (or a level if you have one handy), try to line up the other end of the string to make a straight line. Once it looks good, stick the loose end down.
  • Always stand back from your Wall Letters to make sure that it looks good. If it’s crooked just peel off, adjust and re-stick. Now you’ve got a great guide to use for your Wall Letters!


Wall Letters & Painted Walls:

To get the most out of your Wall Letters, you will need to make sure your walls have:
  1. At least 2-3 layers of quality paint. If you don’t have enough paint on your walls (as is the case in most newly built homes) you may find that the Wall Letters peel some paint off when you want to remove them
  2. Allow the paint to dry correctly for approx 2-4 weeks (longer for damp and/or cold rooms). If you don’t allow the walls to dry properly, you may find the Wall Letters peel off.
Following these 2 steps will allow your Wall Letters to stay stuck properly and be easily removed in the future.

Recommended Paint: If you are planning on painting, we recommend avoiding wash & wear types of paint that are designed to repel dirt. You should avoid any silicon in the paint.

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