FAQ's & Instructions for Clothing Labels

Clothing Labels are great for keeping track of your kid's clothing. Easily iron these labels on to nearly all types of fabrics, and once they're on they won't come off even in washing machines and tumble dryers.

Using clothing labels on your kids clothing means that you won't have to replace expensive school uniforms and other kids clothing, saving you lots of money and hassle. Plus having your kids keep track of their belongings helps to stop any anxiety and will give them a greater sense of responsibility and ownership.

Clothing Labels FAQ's

What materials are the Clothing Labels made from? Our clothing labels are produced on a fantastic vinyl material that becomes part of the fabric it's ironed on to. It’s soft and smooth so it won't irritate sensitive skin.

Can Clothing Labels be used in my washing machine and tumble dryer? Yes, as long as you've applied them correctly, they're so durable that they'll probably outlast the clothing itself. They can be put through washing machines and tumble dryers without peeling off, even industrial style machines that are used in boarding schools and nursing homes.

What fabrics can Clothing Labels be used on? These clothing labels work best on fabrics that allow for irons, such as 100% cotton. We love to use them on school uniforms, hats, socks, underwear, towels and even some swim-wear (although this last one can be a little tricky to get right but it can be done).

Do you have Sew On Labels? We only offer iron-on clothing labels, which most people find much quicker and easier to use than sew on labels. Once they're applied correctly they'll be more durable than the sew on clothing labels type.

Are these printed Clothing Labels? Yes, we print all of our clothing labels with your details.

Do you have transparent Clothing Labels? Sorry this is not available for Clothing Labels. If you need to have no visible backing, the only way is to get them embroidered.

Can I choose more than one colour for my Clothing Labels? You can only get one colour per kit, but as we have smaller sized kits now available you can buy a few kits with the colours that you would like.

Are Clothing Labels available in label value kits? Yes you can get the clothing tag labels as part of our Labels Value Kit. This kit is a great value for money and contain all the labels you'll need to label your kids belongings.

Are the Clothing Labels pre-cut? Yes ,all the Labels are individually cut so that it’s easy for you to just peel off and use.

Can I remove my Clothing Labels? Once you have ironed the clothing labels to the fabric properly, it will be very difficult to remove them as they are designed to be a permanent label. This means that they won't come off in washing machines and tumble driers.

If you need to remove them, you can try using the application method in reverse. To do this, heat the label first. Once heated up you can then try to peel the label off. You will most likely find that you won't be able to get it off in one clean sweep. You also won't be able to iron another one on top as they'll melt into each other.

The best way would be to cut a piece of fabric off and sew it or use fabric glue to stick it over the top. Alternatively you can get a permanent marker and scribble over the name.

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How to Apply Iron On Clothing Labels

Before You Start: Empty any water out of your iron. Put your iron setting to cotton (medium to high) and turn off the steam setting.

NO STEAM can be used when ironing on these labels so that they will adhere correctly. Empty all water out of your iron for an extra precaution.

Step One: Peel off one of your Iron-On Clothing Labels from the plastic backing sheet. These labels will have a plastic feel and will not be sticky to the touch. Once the heat of the iron goes on to it, that’s when the adhesion will happen.

Step Two: If you’re putting it on clothing such as a t-shirt, you’ll need to turn it inside out, so that it’s easier to iron on to. Then place the Iron-on Label face-up on your fabric (the text side face-up).

Step Three: Place the treated paper supplied with your labels over the top of the label. If you run out or lose the treated paper, see tips below.

Step Four: Using a hot dry iron with NO STEAM (usually cotton temp is fine), apply a lot of pressure for approximately 10-20 seconds (see tips on testing the temperature below). It's best to use the pointed part of the iron to really push the label into the fabric. Remove the iron off the label and allow the paper to cool.

Step Five: Slowly peel the treated paper away from the label. Check to make sure that the entire label has stuck to the fabric by stretching it in both directions (read our tips on testing the label below).

Tips for Using Iron On Labels

  1. Tracking Lost Belongings: It’s a good idea to stick this label in a noticeable place, so if it does get lost, the person who has found it will be able to contact you more easily. And of course adding your phone number will make it even easier.
  2. Need more treated paper? If you run out or lose the treated paper, simply use good quality baking paper instead. As long as it’s got a good silky feel, this paper should work perfectly. Don't ever use a cloth instead of the treated paper as there won't be enough heat to penetrate into the label and make it adhere.
  3. Temperature Tests: The temperature and timing may differ depending on the type of fabric and make of iron, e.g. cottons will need a higher temperature with longer pressure and nylons will need a lower temperature with less pressure. We highly recommend that you test your clothing labels in an inconspicuous area before using all of your clothing labels.
  4. Has the label adhered correctly? Check to make sure that the entire label has stuck to the fabric by stretching the fabric in both directions. Once you peel the paper off the label you should see a slight clear residue around the label, which will show that the glue has been heated up and has merged with your fabric.
  5. Reapplying More Heat: If you're worried that the label might not be completely merged or you notice that a little bit of the edge is coming up, you’ll need to repeat steps 3 & 4. You can do this a number of times without causing damage to the label.
  6. Ironing Clothing: If you need to iron clothing that have iron on labels adhered to them, do not put the iron directly on top of the label as the label may melt.
Washing Guidelines: We recommend that you wait for at least 24 hours before putting the item into the washing machine or tumble dryer to allow the fabric to completely adhere to the clothing labels. Now you can put the clothing into the washing machine and tumble dryer and the iron on clothing labels will never come off (once they've been applied correctly) looking as good as new for years to come.

Please Note: If you don't use enough heat and/or pressure on all sides of the labels, this may cause the label to come off in the washing machine or tumble dryer. Labels that are adhered correctly will not come off most kinds of fabrics, such as cotton.

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