FAQ's & Instructions for Wall Stickers


Why create a special place for your children?

Kids use their room for many things: sleeping, playing, learning, getting creative and feeling comfortable.
A healthy, nurturing and stimulating environment during early childhood encourages exploration and play that can enable your child to thrive safely & grow from a helpless little toddler into a confident and emotionally strong youngster.So whether your little one dreams of being a footballer…or look for the treasures in the sea…or searches for the moon & stars….or your little princess wants her own little castle….you need to encourage and motivate them and create that special place which is their OWN!

Where do Kidocent products come from?

Kidocent products are sourced with great efforts from various manufacturers worldwide. It is an endeavor at Kidocent to get the best products at the most affordable prices and ensure that they are not only eco & child friendly but also safe as per international standards.

What will Wall stickers/decals/graphics do for me?

These Wall Stickers help you create a beautiful environment for children with least effort and maximum impact. They are great for use in day care, Pre School, after school activity centers’, homes, pediatricians’ clinics, anywhere kids visit.

What all can I do with these different ranges?

Depending on your room size, need, budget and interest, you can use these to give an entire room makeover, do a wall or two or use them to jazz up old or new furniture, in your bathrooms or simply add color to your room.

What are the benefits?

              •      Easy to apply.

•      Instantly creates an amazing effect.

•      No mess.

•      No scissors, glue or paint required.

•      Removable

•      Re-stickable i.e. Re-usable.

What material are the wall stickers made out from?

All wall decals and labels are made from high grade vinyl, with an adhesive that allows you to remove with ease.
They are made of a thin, flexible vinyl material, which are extremely durable and made to last for years, but are still flexible enough to be applied to a variety of surfaces.

Are these stickers safe for kids?

Absolutely! These stickers do not contain harmful chemicals like phthalates or lead. They are 100% non-toxic and comply with international standards. You can feel safe with them in your home.

How big are the images in a Room Makeover Kit?

Some images are up to 2 metres long and 50 cm wide.
How big are the images in the Themed Room Sticker range – up to 45cm

Are these stickers easy to apply?

Yes, very. They are pre cut , so gently peel and stick.

What do I need to consider before applying wall stickers?

Make sure surface is smooth, dry, clean and free from dust or grease. We recommend well primered walls, done in smooth plastic/laminated paints

Before applying any stickers it’s wise to lay out all the designs first and decide where you would like them to go. Bear in mind any furniture you will be adding to the room.

I have just painted my walls, can I apply my wall decals straight away?

You will need to wait at least 3 weeks before you apply any wall stickers to a freshly painted surface. The fresh paint fumes will affect the adhesive on the wall stickers and will not stick.

Are all wall stickers removable?

Yes! Our wall stickers can be removed quite easily. Simply peel back a corner and pull down carefully and slowly. If you are having trouble, simply use a hairdryer on the lowest setting to loosen the adhesive and the wall decal will peel away with ease.

How long with they last?

They have been tested for up to six years under normal conditions.

What materials will I need?

Nothing. Creativity and lots of fun.

Can I use these on furniture?


Can I use these in the bathroom?

Yes, in the dry bathroom areas, they are not recommended to be put directly under the water tap/shower or wet areas. Ensure the area is dried up before applying the stickers.

If I stick an image in the wrong place can I move it and try again?

Yes gently peel and try again

How many times can it be re-stuck?

As many times as you like, unless mentioned on the pack.

Will they damage my walls when I need to redecorate?

No, the adhesive has been specially developed NOT to damage surfaces or leave any residue. Unless you have applied the sticker on a pre chipped wall to hide any previous chipping, it may pull the paint with it on removal or if you have applied them on fresh paints.

Are these stickers Splash proof?

Yes and sticky finger proof too, just use a damp sponge to clean the stains or any splash marks.

Can I clean the wall stickers?

If dirty, the wall stickers can be wiped clean with a soft, slightly damp cloth. Take care not to get the adhesive backing wet, as the water can decrease their stickiness. For splatters or stains, you can use some mild soap (like hand or dish soap) if necessary. However, please avoid spraying any other chemicals (like glass cleaner)! This can damage the vinyl and sometimes even cause the colors to run.

Where can I find your shipping policies, return policy, etc.?

The bottom section of the website has all the answers to your questions about shipping, returns, our privacy policy, and more.

I need help! How can I reach customer service?

Simply use our contact form to get in touch with us.  Please write your correct order number and details when you e-mail us

Why Do-It-Yourself ?

DIY product not only encourages creativity in your child but also gives way to parent and child bonding in the entire process.
So whether your little princess wants to build her castle or your pirate wants to ahoy in the sea…or your jungle boy wants to play with the wild animals…...unleash their imagination and let them create their perfect masterpiece.

Cost of the stickers…few hundreds…. Time…maybe an hour or so………but the smile on your Childs face……..PRICELESS!!!

Cos …It’s fun to grow with us!