FAQ's & Instructions for Stick On Name Labels

Stick On Labels will stop your kids losing their things. Great when your little ones are in daycare or school.

Easily stick these labels to all your kids things. Safe to use in dishwashers, sterilisers, microwaves and freezers.

Stick-On Labels FAQ's

What materials are the Stick-On Labels made from?
All our labels are produced on the best quality permanent vinyl. They're designed with rounded edges that make for longer, more durable stickers.

How can I personalise them?
You can make your labels as individual as your little one by choosing from  different colours and over 80 icons. You can also choose to have any kind of text on 1 or 2 lines on most of the labels.

What can the Stick-On Labels be used on?
They’re perfect for labelling anything from baby bottles to lunch boxes, and from toys to camping gear.

Can I choose more than one colour or icon?
Sorry this isn't available, however with our smaller sized kits, it's easy to buy more than one kit. You can then personalise them with different colours and icons.

Are the Stick-On Labels pre-cut?
Yes. Every single label is individually cut so that it’s easy for you to just peel off and stick to whatever you want.

Will the Shoe Labels stick in every kind of shoe?
These shoe labels stick best to smooth surfaces, and once they’re on, they’ll be hard to get off. Extra clear labels come with each pair of Shoe Labels to stick over the top. This gives your labels extra protection from wear and tear.

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How to Apply Stick On Labels for Use in Dishwashers

Always clean the surface of the place where you want to stick the label to. (Any dirt, oil or grease may prevent the label from bonding properly).

Step One: Stick your labels to smooth surfaces that are clean and dry (free of oil, grease or dirt).

Some plastics with bumps, ridges or frosted surfaces may not be compatible especially if you need them to be cleaned in your dishwasher (see the image below).

Step Two: Allow up to 24 hours before placing the container with the label into the dishwasher or steriliser.

Step Three: To make your labels last for years in the dishwasher, we recommend that items should be placed on the top shelf and not go through the very hot temperature settings, e.g. pots & pans.

How to Apply Shoe Labels

Funky Feet Shoe Labels are all made from the same durable material and come with clear labels that go over the top.

Step One: For the Funky Feet Shoe Labels, stick the right foot shoe label on to the inside of your kids right shoe and the left foot into the left shoe (smooth surfaces work best).

Step Two: Stick the clear shoe label over the name label (this will ensure that the writing doesn't wear off).

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